Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mineral Makeup and other Organic Cosmetics (part 1 of 2)


The cosmetic industry is capitalizing on the health trend.  More and more women and cosmetic users are becoming health conscious.  They are now paying attention on what they put on their faces and if they are detrimental to health.  This is why cosmetic lines and brands focusing on organic and mineral makeup manufacturing is increasing.

When we say organic makeup, it can come from several materials.  There are organic makeup which is made from plant materials and also from minerals. Since they are organic, plants used are not exposed to pesticides.

So, all organic makeup can be healthy?  The answer, is no.

Not all organic makeup is safe.  Plants can have toxins and carcinogens which can produce harmful effects to the body.  This would be the same for mineral makeup.  To a certain level, minerals can contain high toxic content.  Japanese geisha used white powder to make their  faces patsy white, this powder unfortunately has high lead content which can lead to poisoning.

So, if they are still unsafe why recommend it?  The point in identifying that organic materials can be unsafe is that we should be cautious of the content of organic and mineral makeup.  When choosing these kinds of makeup, it is necessary that we know if they still carry toxins and carcinogens.  Here are some ingredients that you do not want to see on your organic makeup:

• Sodium laurel sulfate – this can lead to skin allergies

• Paraben- this is a common preservative used in traditional makeup

• Hydrosols – it has water which is often unpurified and has chemicals  included

• Diethanolamine (DEA), cocamide DEA and triethanolamine (TEA)- these chemicals or cosmetic ingredients are known to cause cancer

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